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The URALS Regional Non-governmental Organization
for Development of Connection with Countrymen
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Boris Belkin, the violinist-virtuoso

I wish “The Urals association of fellow-countrymen” vital energy.

Frequent champion of the world, Europe and Olympic games A.A. Karelin

I truly appreciate being awarded with “The Urals Star”. I consider it a high honour and will do my best to justify confidence. I wish “The Urals association of fellow-countrymen” self-esteem, peace and prosperity.

Mayor of Ekaterinburg A.M. Chernetsky

I am a part of your attempt to develop overall connections with our compatriots in Russia and around the world. I am sure that mutually profitable collaboration between the Government of Ekaterinburg and “The Urals association of fellow-countrymen” possesses a good prospect and a considerable potential.

Colonel-general, Vice-President of Chamber of Commerce and Industry of Russia V.P. Strashko

I am aware that I will not be able to fill up my colleagues and friends, with whom I was happy to run through very interesting years, with all I got in the Ural! But I will keep trying!

Space-pilot of the USSR, twice Hero of the Soviet Union V.P.Savinykh

Near-earth space has been “inhabited” by spacecrafts for a long time. Each of them is our “compatriot” in a certain sense, which had to leave the place of its birth – Earth - as fate has willed. A considerable number of outstanding people have been sent to the immense human ocean by the Ural. The firm Ural character let them stand “space” burdens and tests.

Lieutenant-general of Custom Service, Head of Government of the Sverdlovsk region in 1994 1995 A.L. Strakhov

Thousands of our nationals daily cross the Russian borders in different directions. The potential of such an exchange is tremendous. I wish “The Urals association of fellow-countrymen” success in its precious activity in attracting of former compatriots to solve social, economic and investment problems of our nation.

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